Troubleshooting – Shortcut to Macro Does Not Work

You can assign shortcuts to macros either via the user interface or programmatically via VBA. This article provides a workaround if you encounter the problem that the shortcut you assign to a macro does not work.

I have only encountered the problem once myself. No matter which shortcut I tried to assign to a specific macro it did not work.

Solution – rename the macro

Finally, I tried to rename the macro and that solved the problem. A couple of times, I have suggested that solution to other users who encountered the same problem and renaming the macro in question solved the problem for them too.

It does not seem to matter where the macro is stored. My macro was in a global template stored in Microsoft Word's Startup folder. One of the other macros with the problem were found in the template.

We may never find the reason to the problem. But if it can be solved by renaming the macro in question, at least there is a workaround.