Copy Text and Retain Numbers When Pasting

You may often be in a situation where you need to copy part of a documentto another place, e.g. an e-mail. However, if your document includes automatic numbered text such as numbered headings, this may cause problems if the part you want to copy does not include the first numbered item(s) in the document. In that case, the numbers in the original document and the text you paste will not match.

This article provides a macro solution that will create a copy of the text in which the automatic numbers have been converted to normal text so that the numbers are retained when pasted.

Macro solution

What to do – how to use the macro

You can copy the macro via the link below. Once you have installed the macro, all you have to do when you need to copy text with automatic numbers and retain the numbers is:

  1. Select the content to be copied.
  2. Run the macro.
  3. Go to the destination and paste.

Note that the original document will remain unchanged.

How to get the macro

Click the link below to open a window with the macro code:

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