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...introduction continued – Word tips and demos

More about the Word Tips

The Word Tips will not necessarily be related to one another and they will cover only minor areas of the Microsoft Word functionality. Some tips are very basic whereas others attempt to cover more difficult or tricky subjects.

Some of the tips are triggered by questions or problems I meet in my daily work whereas others are triggered by questions posted to newsgroups.

Microsoft Word versions

Unless otherwise specified, the tips have been prepared using Microsoft Word 2003 and/or Microsoft Word 2007 (the tips have been tested in both versions). Screendumps and descriptions may differ from what you see on your computer if you use another program version.

User comments

If you have comments or if you want to suggest a new subject, you are welcome to contact me. Please type "Word tips comment" or "Word tips suggestion" as part of the subject in the contact form.

Via the Links menu, you will find links to other Websites that provide Microsoft Word tips.

About the demos

The demos are "show me" movies that illustrate or explain Microsoft Word functionality. Each demo opens in a new window or on a new tab (depending on your browser).

You can identify the demos by red triangles and the SHOW ME text as seen below. To start a demo, click the demoe title. You can at any time close a demo window or tab by clicking the Close button (i.e. the cross) of the demo window or tab.

The duration of each demo is shown in parenthesis after the title.

TROUBLESHOOTING - video/demo does not work

Some videos/demos on this website require Adobe Flash Player in order to work. For security reasons, some browsers block Adobe Flash from running automatically. Your browser settings may also entirely prevent Adobe Flash Player from running.

Below you will find tips on what you can do if you click a video/demo link and the video/demo does not start to play.

PROBLEM 1 - You see a box saying "Select for Adobe Flash"

You can click in the Select for Adobe Flash box. A dialog box may then appear, asking you whether you want to Allow Once or Always Allow. To allow the video/demo to run now, click Allow Once.

PROBLEM 2 - You see a dialog box, asking you whether you want to Allow Once or Always Allow

To allow the video/demo to run now, click Allow Once.

PROBLEM 3 - You see a blank screen when clicking the video/demo link

This may occur, e.g. in FireFox. This happens if you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed or if your version of Adobe Flash Palyer needs to be updated.

You can either search for "Adobe Flash Player" to find Abobe's download page and install it. TIP: Make sure to keep and eye on any "optional offers" that are ticked in the window from where you can download Adobe Flash Player - turn OFF such "offers" if you don't want extra programs to be installed at the same time.

Alternatvely, use another browser.

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