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What can DocTools do for you?

DocTools provides professional templates and efficient tools in the form of add-ins and macros for Microsoft Word. In addition, DocTools provides consultancy within all areas related to Microsoft Word.

The overall objective is to help you:

  • increase productivity
  • improve the quality of corporate documents

Read about the different services below. Click a link below to go directly to information about:

Custom designed Word templates and tools
Consultancy in relation to Microsoft Word
Ticket coupons – get assistance with your Word problems upon request
Special wishes and requirements regarding templates

Custom designed Word templates and tools

See DocTools Home for an introduction to Word templates and add-ins.

All Word templates and tools will be designed and developed to meet your special needs such as:

  • Increase the productivity in Microsoft Word by automating tasks
  • Support the production of consistent and professional looking documents
  • Centralize the creation and maintenance of tools and templates

One plus one is more than two...

Combine well prepared document templates with custom designed automation tools and you may well be in a situation that equals more than the sum of the two.

User-friendly solutions based on long-time experience

Lene Fredborg, Microsoft Word MVP and owner at DocTools, has the experience it takes to develop efficient solutions that are easy to learn and easy to use.

See About DocTools for further information about Lene Fredborg's background.

What users say ...

"This is what I have been missing for years ..."

"Highly impressive ..."

"Wauw, so fast and easy – without these tools, I would have struggled with this task for hours ..."

"I have become an addict of these tools – I don't know how I could manage without ..."

VBA macros behind the tools

All DocTools macros are created using Microsoft Visual Basic, also known as VBA.

In addition to Microsoft Word, other Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access may be involved.

Even minor solutions may result in great improvements...

Even minor DocTools solutions that may require only a few hours or days of consultancy and development could result in great improvements in the form of saved time and improved document quality.

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Consultancy in relation to Microsoft Word

DocTools can do more than developing new Word templates, add-ins and macros. Lene Fredborg's extensive knowledge about and experience with Microsoft Word means that you can also use DocTools as your consultant in connection with questions related to Microsoft Word. For example, you may have questions related to upgrading to a newer version of Office, e.g. from Word 2010 to Word 2016. If working within a large organization, you may also have general questions about how to handle templates efficiently.

DocTools can also assist you in situations where you need larger modifications to existing Word templates, e.g. in connection with the implementation of a new design. DocTools can perform the task or develop tools that make it easy and efficient for you to do the job.

If you are upgrading to a newer version of Word, you may need to adjust existing custom tools. DocTools can also assist you in this situation, e.g. by adding the tools to a custom tab in the Ribbon.

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Ticket coupons –
get assistance with your Word problems upon request

DocTools can – in the form of a ticket coupon solution – provide help to employees in connection with misc. problems that occur in relation to the work with documents and Microsoft Word.

The ticket coupons can be used independently of other services provided by DocTools. A coupon covers up to 15 minutes of work.

This way, the employees can get assistance when they run into problems they are not able to solve. A single coupon may save you several hours of work.

Contact DocTools for further information about the ticket coupon solution.

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Special wishes and requirements regarding templates?

DocTools can develop templates that meet your specific needs. Below, you will find answers to specific questions related to templates.


We already have the design of our stationery in place – can DocTools develop templates that match the design?

Yes, DocTools can create an electronic version that matches the stationery. Contact DocTools for further details.


Our stationery has a preprinted logo – can the templates be created to be used with this?

Yes, DocTools can create the template so that no logo is included in the electronic version. If you need to send documents in electronic version, the documents will look more professional if they include the logo, however. DocTools can provide tools that let you insert or remove the logo as needed via a single click. Contact DocTools for further details.


We reside on more addresses – can DocTools create templates that can handle this?

Yes, DocTools can develop a solution that makes it possible to handle all the addresses you need. Contact DocTools for further details.


We need templates in different languages – can DocTools create a solution?

Yes, DocTools can develop a solution that makes it easy for you to handle all the required languages. Contact DocTools for further details.

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How to get started?

Take the first and no-obligation step...

Contact DocTools. Together, we will find out which Microsoft Word solution will provide you with the most benefit.

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