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Word Tips

Microsoft Word tips and demos

Below you will find tips related to Microsoft Word. Some of the information will be in written form whereas other information will be in the form of demos, i.e "show-me-movies".

More tips will be added as time permits.

The tips are meant as a supplement to all the other information you will find about Microsoft Word on the Internet.

You may also take advantage of the macros available from the Macros menu above.

On my blog, Lene Fredborg's Word Blog, you will find Word Tips in Danish. The tips on the blog are not the same as the tips found on this page.

Please note that all Microsoft Word tips and demos are provided "as is" and without obligation. See also terms of use.

Read further introduction to the Word Tips and demos.

See TROUBLESHOOTING if the video/demo does not work.

Cross-references – Troubleshooting

You may sometimes experience that one or more cross-reference fields in a document do not show the correct content. You may experience cross-reference fields that are not updated even if you changed the referenced item, e.g. a heading. The problem may also be that one or more fields refer to section no. 0 or a wrong number. Finally, the problem could be that one or more fields contain a lot of text where you expected a reference to a heading only. This article explains how these errors occur and how to manually repair and prevent them.

The article also introduces you to DocTools CrossReferenceManager – an advanced Word add-in that makes the work with cross-references much faster and easier and that can help you automatically repair and prevent cross-reference problems in the future.

Word Add-in –
Add AutoCorrect Options to Word 2013 or Word 2016

If you are using Word 2013 or Word 2016 you may have noticed that the menu that appears when you right-click in a spelling error contains fewer commands than in earlier Word versions. One of the commands that have been removed is AutoCorrect Options that allowed you to quickly add a word to the list of AutoCorrect entries. There is no setting in Word 2013 or Word 2016 that lets you add this command to the right-click menu. Here you will find link to a free Word add-in, DocTools AddAutoCorrect, that adds AutoCorrect Options and Set Proofing Language to the right-click menu that appears when you right-click in text marked as a spelling error in Word.

Word Add-in –
Highlight in Word – smarter and easier than ever

Do you make extensive use of highlight in Word? Do you find the built-in highlight tools inefficient to work with? Then DocTools HighlightManager is just right for you. DocTools HighlightManager is a ready-for-use add-in that makes it much faster and easier to work with highlight in Word.

Formatting Marks – Nonprinting Characters – Codes

In a printed document, characters such as spaces, tabs and paragraph marks are invisible. However, Microsoft Word lets you display such formatting marks on the screen. Formatting marks are also known as nonprinting characters or codes.

Overview of Formatting Marks in Danish

Title in Danish: Oversigt over formateringsmærker på dansk
This tip provides an overview of formatting marks in Danish. Note that the overview includes the terms in Danish as well as the corresponding terms in English.

Default window behaviour in Microsoft Word

A number of different factors determine how windows open in Microsoft Word. The window size, window position, zoom, toolbar setup, etc., are inherited from different sources.

Word Style Names in English, Danish, German, French

There may be situations where you need to know the name of a built-in style in another language. This article lets you download a PDF document that contains the built-in style names in English, Danish, German and French.

STYLEREF fields and language-specific style names

STYLEREF fields are often used to repeat e.g. document headings in the document header. This is a great feature. A STYLEREF field must refer to the name of a specific style. If your templates or documents are to be used on computers with different language versions of Word, you cannot simply refer to the name of a built-in style in a STYLEREF field since the style name will be different in another language version of Word. For example, the English style name "Heading 1" is "Overskrift 1" in a Danish version of Word. A STYLEREF field that refers to "Heading 1" will show an error code in non-English versions of Word. This article provides tips on how you can overcome this problem and create STYLEREF fields that will work correctly in any language version of Word.

How to Find Out Which Command Word Executes

You may sometimes need to find the name of the built-in command Microsoft Word executes when you click an icon or select a menu item. For example, you need to know the command name in order to assign a keyboard shortcut to the command. You also need to know the command name if you want a macro to run instead of a built-in command. In order to achieve this, the macro must be named as the command executed by the built-in command. This article explains how to quickly determine the correct command name.

Table Cell Shading – White Space – Troubleshooting

When attempting to apply shading to tables, you may meet with the problem that one or more cells are not totally filled with the shading color – white space occurs, e.g. at the bottom of the cell. This article explains what can cause this problem and how to repair it.

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