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Introduction to MZ-Tools – an Add-in for VBA

MZ-Tools – a useful add-in for VBA

Each time I start using a new computer I am quickly reminded of especially one extremely useful VBA add-in that is missing and that I need to get installed to get up to speed with VBA.

That add-in is MZ-Tools.

In the same way as macros can help you be more productive and make better documents in Word, MZ-Tools can help you be more productive and make better code in VBA.

The MZ-tools add-in is developed by Carlos J. Quintero and provides a comprehensive set of tools for VBA (64-bit & 32-bit) plus for Visual Studio (.NET), VB6 and VB5. I use MZ-Tools in relation to VBA.

Originally, MZ-Tools for VBA was free. In October 2015, a new version was released and it is not free anymore which is fair based on the huge amount of features that have been added to the add-in. A 30-day free trial is available. You will find links at the bottom of this page.

If you develop VBA macros yourself and if you don't know MZ-Tools already, I recommend you check it out.

Examples of useful features in MZ-Tools

Below are a few examples of features in MZ-Tools that I use a lot:

Code Library

Lets you store named snippets of code as code templates you can insert easily almost as using AutoTexts in Word documents.

Copy / Paste Control(s) With Code

Lets you copy and paste controls including the related code (event handlers) from one form to another.

Review Quality

Helps you improve the quality of your code. For example, you can easily find and remove unused declarations in the source code (constants, variables, etc.) and you can find issues where your code does not follow the rules you have specified.

Where to find MZ-Tools

Please consult the MZ-Tools website:

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